The Beans / The Tubes Demo recordings

At the time of theses recordings the members of the Band were Bill Spooner (guitar), Rick Anderson (bass), Vince Welnick (keyboards), and Bob McIntosh (drums) who had played together in a Phoenix band called the Beans. Roger Steen (guitar) and Prairie Prince (drums) played together in another Phoenix band called the Red White and Blues Band.

(994K -large file)Wonder Bread Bodies -"Trim the crust off your Wonder bread. There's a big yeast growing inside your head."Recorded Live in Phoenix before the band left for San Francisco. Both Bob and Praire are playing drums! (two complete drum sets were used.)

(1,265K -another large file)When Stars Collide Space instrumental part with the two drummers. Also recorded live. A more developed version can be found on the new Sputnik Spooner CD Mall to Mars.

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